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Bespoke Shower Trays

BETTEFLOOR offers unique showering comfort without borders: no edges to stumble over and plenty of room to move about.

As a first-class alternative to a fully tiled shower enclosure, BETTEFLOOR is a novelty in bathroom design: a completely flat design, in modern tile colours and matte finish, yet with the excellent material properties of steel enamel – robust, durable, easy to clean. A new larger size (140 x 80 cm) has now been added to the range. The Design Plus Award 2007 is confirmation by renowned experts of the excellent design and high quality of this product.

One special feature of the BETTEFLOOR design is the shape of the corners: Unlike conventional shower trays, these corners are barely rounded at all; they’re almost angular. This allows for a thin silicon joint between the shower tray – set flush to the wall – and the wall tiles, merging seamlessly with the overall grouting pattern.

There are five colour families, each with four tones, all available in matte finish in keeping with current tile trends: anthracite, grey, beige, brown and anthracite-brown. This creates in a harmonious overall impression and perfect comfort solution for flush-to-floor shower enclosures.

Glass and steel – modern, natural materials –have long been the standard in laboratories, clinics and kitchens for their hygienic, ease-to-clean and scratch-resistant qualities.

BETTEFLOOR shower trays are available in the following sizes;

900×900, 1000×800, 1000×900, 1000×1000, 1200×800, 1200×900, 1200×1000, 1200×1200

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